Character Special Ability Cooldowns by Turn

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0 Turns
B1 Battle Droid: Blast Them!
The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor): Swift Takedown
BB-8: Covert Data Transfer
Moff Gideon: Subversive Volley
Maul: Seething Rage
Starkiller: Size Means Nothing
Boba Fett, Scion of Jango: Dual Barrage
Boba Fett, Scion of Jango: Bounty Breaker
Rey: Lifeblood
Rey: Sudden Whirlwind

1 Turn
Imperial Probe Droid: Self-Destruct

2 Turns
Qui-Gon Jinn: Harmonious Assault
Bastila Shan: Subvert Defences
Bastila Shan (Fallen): Wild Lightning
Nute Gunray: Dubious Dealings
Threepio and Chewie: Shining Distraction
Finn: Takedown
Sabine Wren: Darksaber Strike
Luminara Unduli: Force Blast
Cara Dune: Improvised Strategy
Biggs Darklighter: Comrade-in-Arms
Kuiil: Voltaic Shot
Jyn Erso: Truncheon Strike
Cassian Andor: Shock Grenade
K-2SO: Conductive Charge
Imperial Super Commando: Superior Tactics
Wrecker: I Hate That Word
Young Han Solo: Upper Hand
Fennec Shand: I Don't Miss
Darth Talon: Ordered Assassination
Iden Versio: Push Forward
Dash Rendar: Stop Right There!
Ki-Adi Mundi: Adaptive Form
Jedi Master Kenobi: I Will Do What I Must
IG-86 Sentinel Droid: Assassin Droid Tactics
Tusken Raider: Tusken Ambush

3 Turns
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker: Stalwart Advance
General Anakin Skywalker: Sundering Strike
General Anakin Skywalker: Force Grip
Darth Revan: Force Storm
C-3PO: Oh My Goodness!
Jedi Knight Revan: Master Strategist
Jedi Knight Revan: Direct Focus
Padme Amidala: Cunning Plan
Padme Amidala: Graceful Assault
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Fracture
Grand Admiral Thrawn: Grand Admiral's Command
Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker: Overpowering Assault
Ahsoka Tano: Protective Manoeuvre
Grand Master Yoda: Masterstroke
Emperor Palpatine: Let the Hate Flow
General Grievous: Skittering Horror
Asajj Ventress: Strike Fear
Asajj Ventress: Endless Wrath
Chewbacca: Furious Bowcaster
Shaak Ti: Assault Team
Shaak Ti: Training Exercises
Hermit Yoda: Master's Training
B2 Super Battle Droid: Mow Down
Qui-Gon Jinn: Humbling Blow
Count Dooku: Force Lightning
Count Dooku: Master of Makashi
Dengar: Blast & Smash
Dengar: Mini-Mine Mayhem
Droideka: Destructive Armament
Droideka: Reconstructive Revolution
Han Solo: Deadeye
HK-47: Havoc
Lando Calrissian: Double Down
The Mandalorian: Transpierce
Grand Moff Tarkin: Intimidation Tactics
IG-100 MagnaGuard: Disruption
IG-100 MagnaGuard: Stunning Strike
Jango Fett: Conflagration
Bastila Shan (Fallen): Fear
Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum): Meditate
Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum): Whirlwind
Kylo Ren: Outrage
Kylo Ren (Unmasked): Halt
Kylo Ren (Unmasked): Focused Rage
CT-5555 "Fives": Cover Fire
Jolee Bindo: Eh, You Do It
Canderous Ordo: Overwhelming Firepower
Darth Malak: Torture
Juhani: Remorseful Thrash
Geonosian Brood Alpha: Glaive Sweep
Geonosian Brood Alpha: Conscription
Enfys Nest: Sudden Impact
Darth Maul: Whirling Blades
Mission Vao: Street Smarts
Zaalbar: Power Blast
Ezra Bridger: Flourish
Ezra Bridger: Watch and Learn
T3-M4: Repair Kit
Luke Skywalker (Farmboy): Bullseye
Mace Windu: Smite
Mace Windu: This Party's Over
Princess Leia: Rebel Tactics
Cad Bane: Stun Glove
Darth Nihilus: Drain Force
Jedi Consular: Jedi Healing
Jedi Consular: Attack as Defence
Threepio and Chewie: Chewie's Rage
Wedge Antilles: Red Squadron Strike
Admiral Ackbar: Tactical Genius
Finn: Hold the Line
Kanan Jarrus: Intervene
Kanan Jarrus: Total Defence
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: Staggering Sweep
Zam Wesell: Electro-Goggles
Qu'ra: Stattering Blast
Hera Syndulla: Play to Strengths
Nightsister Spirit: Possess
Royal Guard: Imperial Phalanx
Clone Sergeant- Phase I: Suppressive Fire
Sith Marauder: Victory Through Power
First Order TIE Fighter Pilot: Gun Down
Nightsister Zombie: Feed
First Order Officer: Marching Orders
First Order Officer: Pinning Shot
Savage Opress: Overpower
Director Krennic: Death Trooper Assault
Director Krennic: Experimental Weaponry
Resistance Hero Poe: Optic Onslaught
Resistance Hero Poe: Blaster Bravado
General Hux: Oppressive Fire
General Hux: Devious Scheme
Clone Wars Chewbacca: Wookiee Rage
Clone Wars Chewbacca: Defiant Roar
Death Trooper: Terminate
Cassian Andor: Crippling Shot
Colonel Starck: Scan All Wavelengths
Chirrut Imwe: Strength of Purpose
Baze Malbus: Unload
Baze Malbus: Fierce Reprisal
Chopper: Cantankerous Clanker
Ima-Gun Di: Rebuke
Aayla Secura: Survivor
First Order SF TIE Figher Pilot: Oppressive Burst
Young Lando Calrissian: Dealer's Choice
IG-11: Nurse Droid Protocol
First Order Executioner: Death Sentence
Range Trooper: Steady
Eeth Koth: Force Push
The Armorer: Earn Your Signet
The Armorer: This is the Way
Veteran Smuggler Han Solo: Can I Try That?
Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca: Furious Blow
ARC Trooper: Assign Command
Hunter: Shrouded Approach
Hunter: Finish What We Started
Sith Assassin: Dark Shroud
Sith Assassin: Electrocute
Sith Empire Trooper: Crimson Barrage
First Order Stormtrooper: The Order Relentless
Echo: One Step Ahead
Echo: Never Any Doubt
Omega: Adaptive Learner
Wrecker: Wrecking Ball
Embo: Kyuzo War Helmet
Embo: Elusive Strikes
Young Han Solo: Just In Time
Sith Trooper: Vengeant Blast
Sith Trooper: Resurgent Power
Dark Trooper: Bombarding Reinforcements
L3-37: Spark of Hope
Tech: Delicate Operation
Kyle Katarn: Just a Guy With a Lightsaber
Kyle Katarn: Power of the Valley
Second Sister: Shall I End This?
Ninth Sister: Not Worth My Time
Seventh Sister: 1D9 Electro Shock-Prod
Eighth Brother: Photon Grenades
Maul: Fervent Rush
Lord Vader: Dark Harbinger
Sith Eternal Emperor: So Be It, Jedi
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren: Stasis Strike
Supreme Leader Kylo Ren: Furious Onslaught
Logray: Hypnotize
Wicket: Forest Ambush
Wicket: Guerrilla Strike
Paploo: Diversion
Geonosian Soldier: Swarm
Sun Fac: Subjugate
Geonosian Spy: Silent Strike
Nightsister Acolyte: Sacrificial Magicks
Jawa Scavenger: Scrap Bomb
Coruscant Underworld Police: Non-Lethal Crowd Control
Chief Nebit: Distracting Negotiations
Chief Nebit: Desert Ambush
Bistan: Gunner Tactics
Jawa: Stun Surprise
Nightsister Initiate: Cut Down
Talia: Harrowing Assault
Ewok Scout: Rushing Attack
Ugnaught: Droid Experts
Scarif Rebel Pathfinder: Explosive Entry
Resistance Pilot: Outmanoeuvre
Hoth Rebel Scout: Rebel Assault
Hoth Rebel Soldier: Hold the Line
Lobot: Optimize
Gamorrean Guard: Punch Through
Mob Enforcer: Thermal Detonator

4 Turns
Commander Luke Skywalker: Use the Force
Commander Luke Skywalker: Call to Action
Darth Vader: Culling Blade
Darth Revan: Insanity
Grand Master Yoda: Unstoppable Force
Grand Master Yoda: Battle Meditation
Emperor Palpatine: Power of the Dark Side
Old Ben Kenobi: Devoted Protector
General Grievous: Grievous Wounds
General Kenobi: The Negotiator
General Kenobi: Lead the Charge
Chewbacca: Pulverize
Han Solo: Never Tell Me the Odds
Bossk: Hunting Party
Bossk: Predator Instincts
Boba Fett: Death From Above
Boba Fett: Execute
R2-D2: Smoke Screen
R2-D2: Improvise
Wampa: Furious Foe
Hermit Yoda: Strength Flows from the Force
CT-7567 "Rex": Form Up
CT-7567 "Rex": Aerial Advantage
The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor): Disciplined Set Up
The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor): Wonder of the Force
Mother Talzin: Dark Magick
Mother Talzin: Spirit Blade Assault
Grand Moff Tarkin: Ultimate Firepower
Jango Fett: Shrapnel Blast
Bastila Shan: Rally
Darth Traya: Saber Storm
Darth Traya: Isolate
Nute Gunray: Motivate
General Veers: Ruthless Assault
Juhani: Boastful Provocation
Old Daka: Chant of Resurrection
Enfys Nest: Kinetite Charge
Carth Onasi: Just Keep Shooting
Greedo: Threaten
Kylo Ren: Lash Out
T3-M4: Carbonite Projector
IG-88: Rapid Fire
CT-21-0408 "Echo": EMP Grenade
Admiral Ackbar: It's a Trap!
CC-2224 "Cody": AT-TE Mass Driver Cannon
Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios: Honor Guard
Aurra Sing: Hustle
Aurra Sing: Snipers Expertise
Rey (Scavenger): Leverage
Rey (Scavenger): Flurry of Blows
Qi'ra: Joint Operation
Zam Wesell: See What Sticks
TIE Fighter Pilot: TIE Strike
Stormtrooper: Stormtrooper Bravado
Plo Koon: Force Judgement
Plo Koon: Take Charge
Admiral Piett: Imperial Ambition
Admiral Piett: Suborbital Strike
Poe Dameron: Resistance Bravado
Darth Sidious: Demoralizing Blows
Darth Sion: Break Will
Captain Phasma: Victory March
Captain Phasma: Fusillade
Luminara Unduli: Master Healer's Blessing
Wat Tambor: Discharge Energy
Kuiil: I Have Spoken
Death Trooper: Death Trooper Grenade
Jan Erso: Rebel Counterattack
Stormtrooper Han Solo: Draw Fire
Chirrut Imwe: As The Force Wills
Chopper: Metal Menace
First Order SF TIE Fighter Pilot: Drumfire
Kit Fisto: Turn the Tide
Barriss Offee: Force Healer
Imperial Probe Droid: Detect
Visas Marr: Piercing Strike
Shoretrooper: Regroup
Bo-Katan Kryze: Crippling Strike
Magmatrooper: Thermal Imploder
Snowtrooper: Overwhelming Assault
Omega: Empathy First
Vandor Chewbacca: Freedom Fighter
Moff Gideon: Darksaber Lunge
Resistance Hero Finn: Strength of Will
Resistance Hero Finn: Rallying Call
Tech: Brilliant Idea
Iden Versio: We Can Grieve Later
Dash Rendar: Seeker Missiles
Mara Jade, The Emperor's Hand: Ultimate Predator
Mara Jade, The Emperor's Hand: Infiltrate and Disrupt
Ninth Sister: Ground Pound
Seventh Sister: ID9 Enemy Intelligence
Commander Ahsoka Tano: Shien
Ki-Adi Mundi: Decisive Thrust
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: They Grow Beyond
Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: Efflux
Starkiller: Boundless Force Throw
Starkiller: Force Repulse
Logray: Prophetic Visions
Chief Chirpa: Ancestral Secrets
Chief Chirpa: Tribal Unity
Poggle the Lesser: Warlord's Resolve
Paploo: Galvanize
Ewok Elder: Tribal Healer
Sun Fac: Spiteful Strike
Geonosian Spy: Illicit Intel
Resistance Trooper: Opportune Strike
Dathcha: Scout Instincts
Jawa Engineer: Patch Up
Teebo: Bring Low
URoRRuR'R'R: Single File to Hide Their Numbers
Nightsister Initiate: Severing Strike
Bodhi Rook: Spotter
Bodhi Rook: Intercept Communications
Tusken Shaman: Rite of Savagery
Jedi Knight Guardian: Saber Throw
Gamorrean Guard: Muscle In

5 Turns
Darth Vader: Force Crush
Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker: Repulse
Rey (Jedi Training): Defiant Slash
Rey (Jedi Training): Mind Trick
Old Ben Kenobi: Mind Tricks
Wampa: Icebreaker
Jolee Bindo: That Looks Pretty Bad
Darth Malak: Drain Life
Greef Karga: Sweeten the Deal
Greedo: Explosive Sabotage
Mon Mothma: Restore Our Republic
Mon Mothma: Field Promotion
Sabine Wren: Demolish
Hera Syndulla: Backup Plan
Darth Sion: Torment
Gar Saxon: Calculated Ambush
Dark Trooper: Perfect Soldiers
Darth Talon: Dark Frenzy
Second Sister: Can't Run Forever
Eighth Brother: Bladed Hilt
Jedi Master Kenobi: Hello There
Lord Vader: Unshackled Emotions
Jawa Engineer: Recalibrate
Amilyn Holdo: Bunker Buster
Amilyn Holdo: Reprieve
Rose Tico: Dauntless Bravery
Rose Tico: Shock Prod Strike
Talia: Water of Life

6 Turns
Captain Han Solo: Search and Rescue
Greef Karga: Bring Them In Cold
CC-2224 "Cody": The 212th Attack
Moff Gideon: Control the Situation
Sith Eternal Emperor: Unravelled Destiny
Teebo: Ewok Scramble Tactics

7 Turns
Ewok Elder: Power of the Forest
Bistan: Frenzy

8 Turns
The Mandalorian: Disintegrate
Darth Nihilus: Annihilate
Commander Ahsoka Tano: Force Leap
Visas Marr: Dark Healing
Colonel Starck: Blizzard Four Barrage

9 Turns
Darth Vader: Merciless Massacre
HK-47: Assassination Protocol

10 Turns
Captain Han Solo: Hunker Down

11 Turns
Pao: Sa'kalla
Pao: Sonic Grenade

14 Turns
Rebel Officer Leia Organa: Rebel Barrage
Young Lando Calrissian: Hot Hand

15 Turns
Darth Sion: Held By Hatred

20 Turns
Sith Eternal Emperor: Power! Unlimited Power!

70 Turns
BB-8: Illuminated Destiny
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