Lightsaber Shuffle - level 65+

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Lightsaber Shuffle is a casual yet active guild with more of a community vibe that understands that life happens while preferring members to be active daily, a proud member of the Elite Reborn Alliance.

About Us:
  • 50/50 members
  • 100M+ GP
  • Discord is optional
  • FTP friendly
  • No forced farming
  • Heroic Sith
  • Going to try Krayt in early July
  • TW
  • LS Hoth TB (31 stars, 23 ROLO)
  • DS Geo TB (8 stars, 8 Wat) *rotating
  • DS Hoth TB (31 stars, 14 IPD) *rotating

We’re looking for:
  • Participation in guild events
  • Preferably, level 85 players with at least 1-2 full squads at 7 stars
  • At the very least, players level 65+ with at least 1 character at 7 stars

Guild Reset Time: 6:30pm EST / 7:30pm EDT / 11:30pm UTC

Feel free to head on over and join if you think Lightsaber Shuffle could be the guild for you.

IGN: Go Frost Yourself
Ally code: 829-289-476


If you don’t think we’re a good fit for you then you might want to check out our alliance’s server to see if there’s a guild there that might better suit you. We currently have independently run guilds ranging all the way up to almost 400M GP.

Elite Reborn server:
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