Booted from GAC after update

I joined GAC yesterday morning after doing my refreshes and adding gear. Later in the day, the server update forced a game update and reboot.
I had tons of issues, as most did, and reported it on the EA page, as well as how I fixed it.
Fast forward to GAC later in the day...I went in to see my match up and lay in defense, but there was no GAC. I came here to see if there was another problem, but nothing.
I reported this on the "help" button but that takes forever for a response. I'm not sure if this is occurring to others, but that's a lot of crystals to miss out on. I don't know if it's possible to fix it before GAC starts, but that doesn't seem like an easy feat either.
All of that being said, I know I'll get hosed on crystals, but I wanted to post this in case this is happening to others. I try to post bugs through the help button to improve the game, but this one stings.


  • Update. After I wrote this, I went to go back into the game. It crashed and gave me this notice.
  • Which did you pick
  • Jarhead980
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    Which did you pick
    I cleared cache. I got this notice shortly after. It's perma-crashed now
  • Jarhead980
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    I ended up doing a complete Uninstall and reinstall. Game finally opened. Still sluggish but haven't gotten any more google bug notifications as of yet.
    Was hoping that maybe my GAC would appear but still nothing. I did finally contact EA and they are reporting it as a bug due to the notifications from Google Play, above.
    So, hopefully this can get fixed. Hoping I can at least get a make-good on getting booted from GAC. Missing that many crystals will sting.
  • Nevermind...its crashing again. Providing the same Google Play bug report it was before.
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