March Calender

I'm not seeing the March Calendar when I login and look at the store, I'm not sure what to do other than ask for help here.


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    It’s not march yet.
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    It said that in the forum post it was claimable early, I logged in today and saw the pop-up to claim it but then nothing happened, do you know when it will be claimable then?

  • GerTarrant
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    edited February 2022
    The post said to redeem it early (once it is available), not that it will be redeemable early.

    Free March Bonus Calendar
    The free March Bonus Calendar featuring The Mandalorian is almost here! Make sure to redeem this calendar early so you have time to claim every reward.

    If you don’t claim it on the first day then you will miss awards, I’m guessing that is what they meant.
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    Ahh okay, thank you for the clarification on it 😁
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