5A hard darkside

So chewie gets a faster turn meter than anyone with NO ability cool down? I got lucky with some revives otherwise that battle never would have ended. He attacks fast and has no cool downs so he keeps refilling his health every other turn. I managed to 3* with a LOT of lucky stuns and revives. But that fight is SO broken!


  • About to try it after midnight when energy buy resets to 50.
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  • I actually am not running a dark team with enough oomph to beat Chewy.

    I don't lose, I just gave up after 10 minutes of my entire team v chewboy.

    Daka, Talia, Sid, Assaaj, Bobba.

    Was level 52 maybe last time I tried?

    All but Talia are max geared. 5* Daka and Sid, 4* Bobba and As.

    More than enough healing to keep the party up indefinitely. Resists and speed are the worst. Sometimes chewy would get two turns between EACH character in my group. With his turn timer going that fast, even if I had managed to land a stun or heal immunity, it didn't matter.

    I submitted a bug report in game a few says ago. Still haven't heard back.

    Whatevs, I'm sure once I star up a few more times and gain more levels, I'll get it clear.

    Crazy though
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  • 5B is even worse! Why are these AI getting 3x turn meters and instantly cancelling stuns and other debuffs they receive
  • Lmao if you think 5A is bad wait for 5B. Luke is faster than chewy and hits 4 times harder.
  • Daka and other stun characters along with Chasma as leader to get the assists let me beat it with 1*
  • Yeah so just beat everyone except chewie. I still had 5 characters left and set it to auto play. After 20 minutes in auto play he wore down all my people this is wrecked. His auto heal is ridiculous.
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