Suggestions for improvement

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Some of these suggestions are already used in games similar to GoH so I would like to see them implemented with this game:

Characters should gain xp after completing a mission instead of just solely relying on training droids
Implement a Vip system
Have special events where we can earn tokens on various characters
Offer tokens for purchase of characters exclusive to the data store in shipments (I'm 3 away from Darth Maul and Kit Fisto) ;p
Chat (this is one that seems painfully obvious and I'm surprised it's not available)
Raid bosses
Special challenges that force a player to use specific types of characters ex: rebel, empire, sith or an all female team etc... (Give us a reason to upgrade characters we otherwise wouldn't)
Offer crystals as a reward for completing Galactic War (dungeon boss for example rewards players with enough gems to use one pay summon)

That's all I can think of for now.. If anyone from CG or EA reads this may I ask if you have an ETA of when we might see new content?
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