Galactic Challenges - feedback on scaling difficulty, and broken rewards

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Two things, but they cover the same event mode, so putting both here.

First, the tiers don't scale properly in difficulty. At Tier 6, I can wipe the floor with the opponent. At Tier 7, I can barely eliminate one opponent toon. That is not properly scaled, especially when I'm using my Reliced arena team at Tier 7. I have no idea what's needed to advance to Tier 10, but this seems broken. I have waited to comment on this until I had been through many GCs to ensure this wasn't a one-off (or even two) due to mechanics. Nope. Seems like the tiering is a bit broken. To be able to clear Tier 6 with no trouble with a squad that's barely in my top 10, and then barely get a hit in with my arena team on Tier 7... that should be fixed...

Second, ticketing is messed up for feats. It says you get tickets for completing the battle. Win or lose, if you complete it, you should get tickets. Other feats include the parameter "win," which draws clear differenatiation. And if you want to say this is just semantics, well... guess what, different words have different meanings, and if EA's excuse is, 'we don't know how to use English properly, and don't care,' maybe they should not be writing text into the game. "****" and "ma'am" are both addresses for women, but I'm pretty sure using one versus the other will yield different results. I'm missing a lot of tickets over this, as are many others, so seriously, with all the daily bugs that last for years and everything else this app makes a mess of, at least learn how to write English.


  • If you win a battle, you’re completing it. If you lose a battle, you’ve failed to complete it.

    There are feats out there from previous GCs and Conquest that only stipulate you defeat a certain character/faction “X” number of times.
  • 1) this isn’t something I’ve experienced myself as I almost always get red crate, but I have heard others say before that the difficulty spike between tier 6 and tier 7 is ridiculous. Agree that the gradient should be more consistent.

    2) come on man, you’re really clutching at straws on this one… are you seriously suggesting that people should be credited for “completing” tier 10 when they send in 5 toons and get obliterated? And it’s 2 of the feats that are worded like this: the faction specific feat and just completing the battle feat.

    When I “completed” GTA: San Andreas over a decade ago, I would have hoped that everyone knew that I’d finished the story mode, rather than loaded the game and got wasted after 5 minutes.

    CG can be dreadful at wording things, but surely “complete” the battle is self-evident?
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    Tier 6 is all you need to beat with the appropriate faction in order to get T9 crate, so as someone who has to occasionally settle for that one, I'm pretty content with it being easy enough to beat without relic toons.

    Yes, tier7 is huge jump, but it's basically irrelevant because if you're not beating the higher tiers, you're not even in contention for top crate anyway. I've always assumed this was by design.
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