Inquisitorius Update + Future Plans

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Hello Holotable Heroes,

With the release of the next Inquisitor This Week! In Star Wars Unit Sneak Peek players will finally have the ability to field a full 5 unit squad made up of entirely Inquisitorius units. Alongside this character we will be updating all the current Inquisitorius kits with a new Unique ability to bring the full squad together. We also wanted to inform you that over the next few weeks and months there will be a need for this group in multiple areas in the game. Now is the time to get your Inquisitor team ready to do battle!

You will see Inquisitor specific requirements in locations such as:
  • Conquest
  • Assault Battles
  • Galactic Challenges
  • Legendary Event
Seventh and Eighth Brother will also soon be making their way onto Nodes and Shipments and all Inquisitors will have their Marquees rerun starting on April 28th to May 10th in case you missed them the first time around.

What is needed to unlock the Grand Inquisitor?
You will need five Inquisitorius at Relic 5 (with the first run of the event there are only five Inquisitors, so you will need all of them). The Grand Inquisitor event will only be active for a short period of time so if you miss the initial offering you will need to wait until it is active again to earn Grand Inquisitor.

Why is the Grand Inquisitor event called a “Legendary” when it doesn’t have the same requirements as previous Legendaries did?
As the game adds more units, more acceleration, and frankly just more of everything, we’ve had to re-evaluate the entry requirements. Grand Inquisitor with his Omicrons will be able to challenge Galactic Legends and so we want to make sure that power is earned in game through other strong characters.
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