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Hello everyone I am returning to the game after about 4-5 year away. I left around thrawn and before G13 and the game has changed dramatically. My teams are now extremely out of date and I would love some advice on what I need to farm and areas I can focus.

Currently I think Padme is a good goal before trying to go for a reven or slkr but I really dont know.

Also I have no clue what I need for grand arena (never played and have no strategy) or the territory wars so I havent built teams to compete in those modes and dont know what I need.

Tldr: Can I catch up and what should be my priority farms? Should I buy hyperdrive for 50% off on this account or a new one?


  • CCyrilS
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    Typically no point in restarting. The hyperdrive bundle is a great deal.

    I'd make 1st priority getting in a decent guild, and they can hopefully help with TW squad building.

    Geos to Padmé to GAS is a reasonable path a lot of people take.
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    Since you already have a decent CLS and Han Solo, it might be worthwhile to modernize that team first. A very common line up currently is CLS, Han Solo, Chewbacca, "Threepio & Chewie" (very confusing character name lol) and C-3PO. If you want to go for General Skywalker (very good idea) at some point, you'll need C-3PO anyway.
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    Well if you want to spend the money on the hyperdrive that's definitely valid.

    Geos to Padme to GAS I'd like to second.

    However, yeah you already have CLS and Han. CLS and Han have stayed relevant over these years. You also have some very nice jedi.

    1. Finish off the CLS team. The CLS team is very definitive: CLS, Chewie, 3po, han, 3po/chewback. You can use R2 as a temporary fill in.

    You'll need 3po for GAS, unfortunately to get him you need to gear your ewoks... For chewie you need to gear your bounty hunters. BH are very difficult to use (so it'll teach you about mods), but they're also a very important team now.

    2. Work on a Jedi team which you'll need for GAS anyway. You have GK, Barriss, GMY, Ahsoka and JKA. They're all great in today's game and a team right there.


    3 teams to work on are CLS, Gal Rep Jedi and Geos.

    You need to get chewbacca, 3bacc, Padme, 3po, shak ti

    So you'll have to work on ewoks and bounty hunters

    Ships you'll need to work on galatic republic

    Then your 501st clones to go with GAS.

    I think that's just about your next SWGOH year!
  • Don't restart. An old arena shard doesn't matter any more (no crystals). Once you get Executor, you can climb all the way in fleet regardless of how old your fleet shard is (1 fleet meta). Roster bloat has no effect on GAC matches.

    Restarting would just mean having to earn the same stuff over again. There is no reason to restart.
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