Minor Title Update 5/2/2022

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edited May 2022
Hello Holotable Heroes,

Today’s Title Update has been rolled out to all devices. Please head to your respective app store and download the latest version to get the changes below.


Darth Malgus, the scourge of The Old Republic, comes to the Holotables!

Conquest 16 Begins on May the 4th - Earn Darth Malgus Shards

Hyperdrive Bundle is 50% off
Crystal Bundles up to 25% off

  • Corrected an issue where Eighth Brother's Relic art was not displaying
  • Added 4 New Data Disks (Attached below)
  • (Omicron Leader Ability) - fixed issue with Jedi Knight Revan Lead where it was not impacted by Fifth Brother leader ability
  • Description for Fifth Brother Special 2 Bonus Protection duration is updated to match functionality
  • Description for Fifth Brother Special 1 now matches functionality
  • Savage Opress can now dispel Provoke and Purge
  • Inquisitor Events now listed in proper order

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