Cad bane

Anyone use a high level cad? Wondering if this guy is any good.


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    I have seen a 5 star cad at lvl 60. I remember him hitting my sid for 1200, but the only way to star him up is by dropping a bit of cash on chromium packs. In saying that he has one of the best stuns in the game IMO
  • xJazzx
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    The stun is unavoidable. But cad is very hard to star up.
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    I have him at 6* lvl 55 gear 6 abilities at 3 and I don't find him all that great. I stopped upgrading him in favor of other characters. Maybe he gets better with epic gear, but just doesn't seem that strong.
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    His attack is alright, a little slow and low health. He can double attack and is anti Jedi plus his stun is the best in the game. But no farmabikmlity makes him pretty difficult to use. I have him at 5* he used to be in my pvp but no more
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