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Has it ever been explained why the Deadly Tier Krennic team occasionally takes multiple turns before Han's first shot?
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    Yes it has.
  • Janus
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    RTS wrote: »
    Yes it has.

    Excellent. And why is that?
  • Zaph0dd
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    something to do with Hans turnmeter overflow from phase 2 I think
  • Basically, just don't use Han's basic as the final hit in the second phase, if he's going to kill them use a special.
  • I remember the original thread about it. It does have to do with Han’s TM overflow and the preloaded TM of the enemy squad. If Han’s overflow from his bonus turn (which I THINK is coded as starting with 100% TM gain at the start of battle, but I could be wrong) is more than the TM overflow if the enemy squad, Han goes first. Otherwise, the “bonus” turn placed in the queue after the others. M

    Basically, Han’s bonus turn is 100% TM plus the TM he already had at the end of the previous wave. If that’s higher than Krennic’s toons, Han goes first.

    …then there’s the debate about the philosophy of “Shoots First” not going first…
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