How to split up a Bounty Hunter team

I’ve been wanting to split my BH teams for GAC, one for offense, one for defense, and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on which hunters to put under which lead and where.

Here is my account


  • I'm no BH expert, but, based on what I'm seeing.........

    Offense Lead = Bossk (Needs more manual control to trigger contract)

    Defense Lead = Jango (Easier for the AI to trigger contract)

    Toss up = Zam-icron v/s Cad, based on who you want to use Omicron against.

  • Would oZam be good with bossk for extra health and protection? Also she has multiple AoE debuffs which works well with his Zeta. Thanks for the help
  • Dwinkelm
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    The answer becomes a little more obvious once you gear up Aurra Sing a little bit, she has the easiest contract to satisfy and so you can use her to get to Mando’s disintegrate. The key with this team is to be fast and get the contract before the enemy even moves so you can disintegrate the enemy’s biggest threat.

    Aurra, Greef, Bossk, Zam, Mando.

    It kinda stinks to use Bossk here as he’s a great (best) defensive lead, but using the team I mentioned above basically ensures victory if they’re fast enough… which an oZam will greatly help with.

    Use Jango as your defensive lead and throw all the leftovers under him. The AI plays his lead very well, it isn’t seen often so it’s misunderstood and underestimated, and you can throw scoundrels on it as well (doesn’t contribute to contract but does synergies with lead). You may not be there quite yet, didn’t get to check your whole roster, but Nest is a great 5th character under a Jango leftover team.

    Hope this helps!

  • Nest is on the hard 5 fleet nodes, right? Oh boy, don’t even get me started. I have been playing with the idea of putting other scoundrels with Jango. I put chewie with him and fennec for 3v3, but nothing big came of it.
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    I think it's really difficult to split into 2 distinct teams. Also it's a bit of a handicap to do so. One of the BH's strengths is adaptability.

    I think what's better is to categorize your bounty hunters into distinct roles and knowing when you'll need one to fulfill that role. For example:


    Ability block:

    buff removal

    Mass swarm

    etc etc.

    I do think though, you need to think about that one offence team and what you're likely to use it for and that gets priority on everything. You're better off taking one great team and one mediocre, rather than making 2 above mediocre teams.
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