Grandmaster Yoda

Grandmaster Yoda is a very strong attacker…but his health is pretty low…the recommended mods make his attacks even stronger…I’m thinking about to change that in giving him health mods…is that a good idea or better not…???


  • No. The more offence the better.
  • Dont forget he has a ton of foresight so his health goes a long way. You can build a strong support team round him and use him as a damage dealer - so Bastila lead until you unlock Revan, Jolee etc - then the wee fellow’s bonus turns, tm gain & damage can come into their own. Get zetas on him & mod for offence
  • When moddng GMY, the best advice is to go with as much Offense as possible. He has a ton of TM gain. Also, he gains foresight quite often, which helps his survivability. The only time you want to mod him for anything other than offense is when he's under a Padme lead, in which case he benefits from having a high speed. Even then, you can't go wrong with him being modded for offense. Think of GMY as a glass cannon. He's fragile and is taken out easily when he's targeted, but he does a ton of damage. This is why he's often pared with JKR, who can call him to assist and the savior mechanic keeps GMY alive.
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