Dorideka TB Buff

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I’m convinced droideka just got a buff this TB. He is now extremely slow and his basic can one shot a GL with full health and protection. My Kenobi team that I always run in TB was soloed by one droideka. It was as if he had 10 speed. I got countless turns that lasted a very long time. His charge was in like the 40s. I always remod in TB and always get 4/4. This was p1 and I got 1/4. If they are in fact buffing droideka I think this was a very dumb idea. This character has been one of the most OP characters in TB to date.

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  • Rath_Tarr
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    That Droideka has damage immunity which means it has rolled, changing its speed modifier from +50% to -50% which most likely makes it slower than your toons in which case it will deal true damage on basic.
  • wildnz
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    A Droideka with 6-8 stacks will one shot most things. 40 stacks , I hate to think. He attacks once per stack, so he's hitting you 40 times per turn. Not sure what the rest of your team was, but always run a dispel unit in lstb. JMk with the 501st clones works well , or BB or take Shaak ti , Ahsoka or some other dispel option.
  • crzydroid
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    Curious as to what your full team was.

    Like Rath_Tarr said, the slowness is because it rolled. I had one go before my effecrive 435 Kyle, so they didn't slow down.
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