SEE or SLKR at this stage

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Hi everyone, first time posting. I'm looking to start working on a galactic legend. Between SEE and SLKR which one should I start with?

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  • StarSon
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    Looks like you're closer to SEE. Both are good choices, but SLKR is usually a better starter because it lets you solo the STR.
  • Legend91
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    SLKR is still the best overall 1st GL to get

    - can still beat all other GLs with specific team comps
    - does solo the sith raid
    - gets you an Executor counter
    - gets you 2 potential top omicron teams (FOTP for GAC and Phasma for TW)
    - SLKR and Rey are the cheapest GLs
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  • I don't have SLKR yet, I have the 4 harder GLs (JML, SEE, JMK, and LV). I do wish I had SLKR though because of his fleet, and SEE at best has a soft counter to JMK, at worst is used to solo CLS/GAS.
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