Kit Concept: Baron Papanoida

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Baron Notluwiski Papanoida was a Pantoran statesman and playwright who lived during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. He succeeded Chi Cho as the Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly during the Clone Wars. Father to a Republic Senator, Chi Eekway, Baron Papanoida was an influential figure in Coruscant affairs, a well-known intelligence provider, anti-Palpatinist, and lover of the performance arts—he was known to frequent the finest auditoriums and holo-entertainment venues, including the Galaxies Opera House in the Uscru Entertainment District


UNIT NAME: Baron Papanoida

RELIC AMPLIFIER: GL-77 Blaster Pistols


CLASS: Support

CATEGORIES: Leader, Galactic Republic


GL-77 Blasters: BASIC

Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and inflict Critical Chance Down and Critical Damage Down for 2 turns. This attack deals double damage to enemies with the Leader tag and can't be evaded or resisted.

Information Retrieval: SPECIAL 1 (Cooldown: 5)

Baron Papanoida grants all Allies Offence Up, Tenacity Up and Potency Up for 2 turns, and 20% Turn Meter shared equally (each ally gains 5% turn meter). This Turn Meter gain is doubled if all allies are Non-Jedi Galactic Republic.

In addition, Baron Papanoida inflicts Offence Down, Tenacity Down and Potency Down on all Enemies for 2 turns, and removes 5% turn meter from each enemy unit, doubled if they all have the Leader tag.

Father First: LEADER
Non-Jedi Galactic Republic allies have +40% Speed and Tenacity and recover 10% of their Max Protection when they score a Critical Hit.

Whenever a Non-Jedi Galactic Republic ally falls below 40% health, they gain a bonus turn and Health Steal Up for 1 turn.

Chairman of Pantora: UNIQUE
Baron Papanoida has +40% Tenacity. In addition, whenever he is Critically Hit by an Enemy with the Leader Tag, he gains Retribution and reduces his Speed by 50% for 2 turns.


  • Baron Papanoida is designed to work with Non-Galactic Republic Jedi Allies.

    Synergy Suggestions:
    -Padme Amidala
    -Coruscant Underworld Police
    -Clone Wars Chewbacca
  • Does he reduce his own speed on the unique? Don’t see much value in that.
  • Zombefyer
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    Does he reduce his own speed on the unique? Don’t see much value in that.

    It keeps Retribution on him for longer.
    Paired with a Padme lead, he'll be regaining Protection every time.
  • I like the idea of this kit, but I have quite a few problems with the execution.
    First his unique. I really like the idea you are going for here. But 50% speed reduction is a brutal punishment, especially since it can stack with speed down effects. Combine his speed reduction with his 5 turn cooldown special, and most other characters will have used all their specials 5 times in the same time he used his twice. In return for all this, you get Retribution. A dispellable and preventable buff. Yeah, the reward is not worth the risk at al here.
    Also, you say that under a Padmé lead he will gain protection each time? Only thing with Padme I can think off is her unique, which gives Protection Up when enemies attack out of turn. Nothing in her kit allows for him to gain protection when he attack out of turn. If you mean his own lead, where he can recover protection when he scores a critical hit, 10% protection is way too little for that to allow him to survive against pretty much anything, assuming he scores a crit every single time he is attacked.
    Second, there seems to be quite a bit of.. "conflict" in this kit. For lack for a better word. For example, you grant allies tenacity with his lead and unique, and inflict Potency Down enemies. But you also grant tenacity Up to allies, which allows them to resist basically anything that can be resisted, making the tenacity bonusses and potency down pointless. Similarly, you grant potency up to allies, but also inflict Tenacity Down on enemies and allows a lot of his own effects to be unresistable. Making the Potency Up pointless. Also, you recommend synergy with Padme, despite that he has turn meter manipulation in his kit. Something that Padmé's unique prevents. Minor this one, but it is still there.
    Finally, his lead is kind of broken, on 2 parts no less. First the 40% speed for the entire team. To give you an idea as to why this is broken, allow me to introduce you to Paploo the Ewok. Paploo's base speed is 128, which is in the bottom 10% of this game. He also has an effect in his unique that grants him +25% speed while he isn't taunting. With this and some modding, he can match speed with Moff Gideon. Who has the highest non-gl base speed in the game. Now imagine for example the Bad Batch's echo, who has the same base speed as Moff Gideon, with a 40% speed buff. He'd be capable of outrunning Galactic Legends! This is why the game grants percentage based speed buffs so very rarely. On top of that you also have the bonus turn infinite loop potential, where thanks to the health steal up, characters can just keep getting above and below 40% health over and over again. I get that you might be trying to make up for the speed loss of the unique, but this is overkill.

    Now that the feedback is over, I'd like to close by giving my version of this kit. Or how I'd have done it at least.

    Baron Papanoida
    Light Side, Support (STR), Leader, Galactic Republic

    Basic: Gl-77 Blasters
    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Critical Damage Down for 2 turns. If Baron Papanoida has Speed Down, deal damage again and inflict Speed Down for 2 turns. Enemies with the Leader tag can’t resist or evade this attack.

    Special 1: Information Retrieval (Cooldown: 4)
    FINAL TEXT: All allies gain Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 2 turns. Non-Jedi Galactic Republic allies gain Health Up and Protection Up (40%) for 2 turns. These buffs can’t be prevented.
    Inflict Offense Down, Potency Down, and Tenacity Down on all enemies for 2 turns. Inflict Provoked on enemies with the Leader tag for 2 turns. This ability can’t be resisted or evaded.

    Leader: Father First
    FINAL TEXT: (Zeta) Non-Jedi Galactic Republic allies have +40 Speed, +40% Max Protection, and +40% Tenacity. Whenever a Non-Jedi Galactic Republic ally scores a Critical Hit, they recover 10% Protection.
    The first time each Non-Jedi Galactic Republic ally falls below 40% Health, they dispel all debuffs on themselves, reset their cooldowns, and gain a bonus turn.

    Unique 1: Chairman of Pantora
    FINAL TEXT: Baron Papanoida has +40% Tenacity. In addition, he has +100% Counter Chance and +100% Critical Avoidance while he has Speed Down.
    When Baron Papanoida suffers a critical hit, he gains Speed Down until the start of his next turn if he didn’t already have it. If he suffers a critical hit from an enemy with the Leader tag, he inflicts Marked on them for 1 turn. These debuffs can’t be evaded or resisted.

    Please note, the above version does have a few of my personal things in it as well. Like replacing offense up with crit up buffs, cause that works better with the lead in my opinion. Nothing wrong with offense up in your version, I just liked these better.
    Anyway: I liked the idea behind this kit a lot, I hope this all helped, and I'll look forward to the next one.
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