Datacron Economy Update

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

We’ve been listening to your feedback with Datacrons and Set 1 and have made some adjustments to Set 2 to help give you more materials to upgrade your Datacrons.

  • Re-tuned Conquest Milestone rewards for Hard were revamped:
    • Completion of Standard Reward Track provides enough Currency and Materials to allow a player to level a single Datacron up to Level 6.
    • Completion of the Battlepass Reward Track provides enough Currency and Materials with the Standard Milestones to get you closer to a Level 9 Datacron
    • All Reroll Materials were removed from Milestone Rewards.
  • Hard + Medium Bonus Nodes scaled payouts by a factor of 3
  • Added Set 2 Datacrons and Materials for purchase in Shipments.
  • Reordered Shipment items to place Ally Point / Shard Shop offerings at the top.
  • Increased quantity of Upgrade and Reroll Materials available for purchase by Crystals.
  • Free Calendar contains Datacron + Upgrades up to Level 6.
  • Removed Mk I upgrade material requirement from all upgrades past Level 3 (previously they were needed through level 6)

Set 2 Info
  • NAME: Enduring Codex
  • CHARACTER SPECIFIC BONUSES: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi (Old Ben), Mon Mothma, Commander Luke Skywalker, Ezra Bridger

We will continue to monitor our changes and your feedback so please continue sharing it with us as you have been. Thank you!
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