Visual bug on datacron level?

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R5 toons but enemy datacron shows at level 9. My own datacrons correctly display the reduced level.77sld0d9jxsn.png

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  • Doesn’t the level 9 bonus only apply to the highlighted character, so only that character needs to be r7? Your opponent’s CLS is r7, so the level 9 bonus will apply.

    Your level 9 datacron would need the 5th brother in the squad for the level 9 bonus to apply. He’s not in your squad, so the datacron is only applying the level 8 stats.
  • Thank you. “Activates on Target characher in squad at or above relic 7” is not a good description .
    I understand that the whole squad has to be r7 min, but you are correct.
  • hnn6qobw57mc.jpeg
    In SQUADS at or above.
    Very poor writing
  • CGs gonna CG, I’m afraid.
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