Old player returning

I used to play years ago but fell off until recently. Alot has changed in the game such as relics, journeys, datacrons and whatnot.

I find myself stuck in arena unable to punch up in fleet or squads, i feel like this is due to the lack of relic characters.

With all of the changes I am looking for any advice on who I should relic and what times I am best positioned to pursue first. Thanks for any and all insights.



  • Well 2 good teams that you have a core of are CLS and Palpatine.

    CLS, Chewie, Han, 3PO & Chew/PO

    Palpatine, Vader, Mara Jade, Thrawn, Royal Guard

    They'll be good core teams for you.

    You might want to give Qui Gon an omicron (if GAC is important) and give him a Galatic Republic Jedi squad.
  • I feel you, old player - I stepped out for about 2 and a half years and all sorts had happened - ships, mods, Brexit, Trump… The obvious new thing that is probably most of a driver for your relic choices is the introduction of Galactic Legends. You’ll be wanting one or two of them before you get very much older. I’d relic characters that get you closer to a GL - eg Sith Eternal Emperor would be worth thinking about. Have a look at the GL requirements and pick one you feel is doable. Don’t worry about forum posters saying this or that GL is rubbish- the truth is they all bring a lot to your game (& new ‘lifter’ characters and datacrons are adding facets and magnitudes of utility
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