Account to sync Game in Desktop Version

Hi guys,

I downloaded an emulator so that I can also play the game from my PC.

I can't figure out how to log in though: I'm currently using an iPhone and as soon as I enter the game I'm logged in directly with my username.

I'm sure I'm not logging in via Apple ID or Facebook. So I'm probably logged in with the Google Play account?

I've tried entering my credentials google play into the desktop emulator but I can't connect.

Could you please help me figure out if I am connected with Google Play? Where I can check?

thank you very much for your help



  • If you have been playing on an iPhone, your game account is linked to your Game Center account, which is linked to your Apple ID. Sounds like now you want to move the account to Android. If you google something like "swgoh move account from iOS to Android", there will be guides on how to do this through Facebook.
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