Progression Comparison

So with us on the 3rd set of datacrons and the end of their exhibition phase I wanted to share some thoughts about the various forms of progression that have been released in the time I have been playing and how they have affected the game in my opinion.

Mods- I was not here before mods but I know stories of them. It sounds like they were crazy in the beginning but the place they landed I think is overall good it kinda makes your character yours in a manner of speaking So everyone’s Darth Vader is a little different for example. I am not overly fond of the rolling aspect of them but them the breaks. Overall I think it has been good for the game. I also am glad that mod management updates is finally coming.

6 dot mods- I was around for this one, and putting a final ‘end cap’ on mods at the time I feel was all right, not needed for the game but not bad or neutral for me.

6 dot + mods- I think was honestly unnecessary and mildly annoying but isn’t game breaking either so I will say slight negative.

Relics- When I started G12 was the end of the road I think relics were overall positive for the game. I say this because I understand this is a mobile game that needs to make money. As a l5ish I think year player who doesn’t really spend if G12 was the end of the road today I would have most all characters except for the newest ones at G12. So I would say relics were healthy for the game to keep the economy and the game alive.

R8- much the same as relics something had to come sooner or later to keep us chasing the end neutral to slight good.

R9- I think they honestly put it a year to early, R8 was still fairly rare and then they added another level so overall was always coming but they moved way to fast on it in my opinion so mild negative.

Then finally the purpose of all this datacrons.

I have interacted with them, made a couple level 9’s, and tried to keep an open mind. They have dialed back on the stats some with set 3 glad to see health steal gone it was bad.

But honestly they are boring and annoying in my opinion. It can be amusing for a fight or two in squad arena but the shine wears off fast then you get a new one. I understand that it is a constant revenue stream but it is a deeply lazy one. It makes guild management vastly harder for wars, and GA exhausting and more time consuming.

They make this extra level you have to keep thinking about with every fight, they make it very difficult to know what is going to happen when you go into a fight because everyone’s set will be wildly different. They take a lot of strategy out of the game and make you guess way more then you should. Set 3 looks to have dialed some stuff back, but honestly, they need a LOT of work still to even be enjoyable and I am giving the game until the end of the year to either nail something that isn’t awful or remove them entirely otherwise I think my journey with the game is over at that point. Which is a shame because I was enjoying myself before they came out years into the game. I find them as they are and have been deeply unhealthy for the game.
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