Have top GAC League/divisions been shrinking?

I was under the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that GAC leagues (Kyber, etc...) were staying relatively constant in size. The skill rating squish and adjustments to minimum skill ratings for certain leagues/divisions were supposed to help maintain the initial distribution so we didn't end up with a top heavy kyber league.

However, I saw this chart and it appears to be the opposite.

It appears that between March & June, Kyber shrunk by 18k. This would anecdotally fit my experience where my kyber 2 opponents have all gotten much stronger.

Now, caveats.
- I didn't source this data. I saw on a youtube video, though I'm sure accuracy could be tracked down and validated
- This doesn't include initial league distributions. So it's possible the initial kyber population was closer to the June total of 62k than the March of 80k.

I doubt CG would want to share actual validated game data. But could we get a comment on whether league sizes are staying equivalent with the initial distribution or if kyber is being purposely shrunk?


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