Update on Missing Ability Buttons Issue

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we wanted to take some time to explain what is often referred to as the “Missing Buttons Bug” and why this frustrating issue is still around.

First off, and most importantly, there is no singular issue that causes this. Rather, there are a number of different types of errors that can occur during battle that will cause the code to stop running. This results in the next unit never getting to start its turn and, since we’re stuck on the last unit’s turn, the call to display the next unit’s ability buttons never happens and as a result they go “missing.”

What this means is that it’s not a matter of fixing a single bug in battle, but rather fixing every bug that affects the battle system. Since this first began showing up several years ago, we’ve released a number of bug fixes to address this and have seen success in decreasing issues that cause this. The problem is that almost any new or existing issue with the battle system will appear to have the same behavior and look like the same bug (even though it is not the same bug and can have different root causes).

We are constantly working on identifying and resolving these kinds of bugs as fast as possible and with your help, we have reduced the number of these issues thanks to folks submitting tickets or posting about them. So how can you help?

The main challenge with fixing these issues is being able to reliably reproduce them in order to track down what actually caused the problem in the first place. The battle system in Galaxy of Heroes is fairly complex and there are a large number of different factors that could cause what looks like a similar bug. This is where your efforts can help us. If this happens to you, we would greatly appreciate if you can send in a ticket with the following information:
  • 1. Screenshot of when this occurred
  • 2. What kind of battle you were in (IE Territory War, Grand Arena, Legendary event, etc)
  • 3. Time and Date it happened (Note your timezone!)
  • 4. What led up to the missing buttons
  • 5. Your Ally Code/Player ID
This information will help us pinpoint your crash log and we can investigate what went wrong.

In addition to your reports, we also are working on new ways to help us track down these issues so when they do happen, we can more accurately detect the root of the problem.

Again, we appreciate your help in this endeavor and a huge thank you to those who have sent in detailed crash reports. We will continue to work on fixing the missing button bugs in addition to reinforcing the battle system in future updates.

Thanks for reading and see you on the Holotables!
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