Datacron Set 4 + Feedback Response Information

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are going to review Datacrons feedback, our findings and what we plan on doing moving forward, as well as discussing Datacron set 4 and what they entail.

Datacrons are a fun and exciting way to adjust meta and give new life and purpose to characters who may no longer be in your rotation. Through our data and your feedback, we will continue to look for more ways to make Datacrons interesting to use. For the past 6+ Years, our ultimate goal is to create a fun experience in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and we will continue to follow that mission.

We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions you’ve made through the first 3 sets and we have adjusted Set 4 in accordance to that information.

So what did we hear?

“Datacrons need to have a longer life span, I feel like I don’t get a chance to use them after upgrading them.”

We hear you there, that’s why we’ve decided to slow the cadence of Datacrons from farming for a month and using them for 2 and adjust it to farming for 2 months and using them for 2. This will hopefully reduce the stress some folks felt trying to rush and get their Datacrons prepared for use.

“With 3 sets live, it’s very confusing to know where to invest or which to use. There’s a lot going on.”

We agree! The changes we plan on implementing from the above feedback will also mean that we’re reducing the amount of Datacron sets live at any time from 3 down to 2. This will hopefully help make it easier for folks to manage their inventory and playstyle better.

“I have so many Datacrons that I don’t or can’t invest in due to sheer volume.”

After looking at the data we noticed there are a good amount of folks who invest in a few datacrons but have a significant amount of ones sitting in their inventory collecting dust. With Set 4, we adjusted the cadence in which you get Datacrons to a place where you’ll hopefully only have the proper amount of ones you’re able/willing to invest into and use, without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of ones that are presented to you.

Things you’ll want to note is that it may feel like resources aren’t flowing in over the course of these 2 months, but we've slowed down the experience to better allow players to engage at their own pace. This adjustment will be one of those that we keep a keener eye on through the set’s lifecycle.

“I never really understood where I got materials for Datacrons, has that been made easier?”
Yes, we’ve made it much simpler. Conquest = Acquire/Upgrade materials; TW = Reroll Materials

You can also still get materials from the Datacron shop.

Quick Notes:
  • We will continue to have a free and paid calendar for Datacrons, where the free version will get you roughly 2 Datacrons to Level 3 by simply logging in.
  • Conquest will still have a farmable Datacron node.
  • Additive Drops will not be coming back for set 4 as we are focused on making the core experience better, thus not having to rely on Additive Drop to equalize or boost anything. This does not mean they are never coming back, but we will be putting more of our resources into making the main experience better first.


Name: Security Primer
Start Date: 05 Sep 2022
End Date: 25 Dec 2022

Dark Side

Darth Vader
Lord Vader
TIE Fighter Pilot

Light Side

Dash Rendar
Lando (Undercover)
Veteran Smuggler Han





We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received and we hope you continue to do so with Set 4 and beyond.

See you the Holotables,

SWGOH Dev Team
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