Returning Player: What farming path should I follow?

Hello There,
I'm a returning player who used play a couple years ago looking to get back in to the game, I've started a new account and I'm wanting to find out what would be best to farm first and what path to follow.

I've done a bit of research into it, and from what I can see there seems to be a bit of a split between people who say rush a GL & those who say don't rush a GL, it seems like the people who are saying don't rush a GL are of the opinion that you should build more durable (don't know if that's how they describe them) teams like, CLS, JKR, BH, DR etc.

From what I found it seems like a SLKR rush might be a good idea as it provides a strong GL and fleet but I might be wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm quite unsure.


  • Sorry I mistyped, I'm starting a new account, I haven't made it just yet

    Sorry for any confusion
  • Personally, I wouldn't start a new account. I'd go with your old one (providing you have access to it still). Being economical isn't as important anymore, so any progress you made is progress.

    I'm of the opinion of not rushing a GL. More because you'll complete more of your grinds, thus more rewarding rather than it's better in the long run. Also how my mind works; building up through difficulty feels right.

    However, I think the SLKR path is the recommended on right now. There are farming guides in the new player section.
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