Starting Pillars??

My theory is that a new start should cover these 3 pillars:
  1. Hoth TBs
  2. ABattles
  3. Fleets

Hoth LSTB = Rebels, Phoenix, R1. Includes Hoth Scout, CLS.
Hoth DSTB = Empire, ITs, BHs. Includes Veers, Starck, Snow, DV, Chimaera
ABattles - 5 can be covered with ITs, Jedi, Rebels, Sith/FO
Fleets - Empire, H1 and FOrder.

These teams are no longer as lacklustre as in the past! MM gives a place to Hoth Scout and Kyle lifts the whole team. Mara lifts EP, Piett lifts ITs, Greef & Fennec lift BHs. R1 are much better with AR and it doesn’t feel like such a waste to gear up the UWings.

This approach would cover most game modes — TW, TB, GAC (fleets!) and ABattles
Natural GL approach would be SLKR —> then SEE + Executor.
  • AA, Iden, AR and FOTP have useful GAC omicrons.
  • Phasma, Mara have useful TW omicrons.

What do you all think? So many guides ignore Hoth and ABattles. Additionally, building 3 killer early fleets pre Neg/Mal and Executor will massively help in GAC.

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