Best rebel fleet ( not Profundity)

I currently have a good rebel fleet but I want to make it better. I am currently using Home One. My current fleet Falcon ( R7 han, R 6 Chewie), Ghost( Relic 2 Hera, G 11 Kanan, G8 Zeb), Phantom 2( g12 chopper g12 ezra g11 sabine), Rebel y wing, Wedge x wing, ( r3), Biggs xwing( (r3), last spot is not a rebel but Houndstooth( g12 bossk)

My current goal is get JKL and GL luke, but I am planning on focusing on zeb and sabine geared up. When I get Luke I will relic all my characters to Relic 5.
In addition to above rebel ships I also have:
Cassian u wing( G10 Cass, g8 jyn, g8 k2)
Bistand u wing( really need to gear these guys up, I want to say 7 atm)

I am currently farming Kyle's ship he is g12.
Also plan on using Guild event currency on Grievous ship.


  • The best Home 1 lineup I used was:
    HMF, Bistan, Biggs starters, Cassian usually first reinforce, y-wing backup taunt, wedge for emergency- put a buff block on.

    Almost never actually took Wedge, even on the bench. Often didn't take y-wing either, if they were not up against a tough fleet, so just cassian on the bench.

    I easily kept using this fleet all the way through the Negotiator-Malevolence meta to beat either of them and any other fleet of the time.

    Han and Chewy R7, Biggs R5, Bistan and SRP r3-5 is what I had at the time.

    Maybe outrider could have a spot now? Didn't need it though. Raven's Claw probably doesn't see action until HMF moves over to Profundity in your roster.

    Even now, with Profundity, I'm not getting any use out of the Phoenix ships. Ghost would be fine, but I still use cassian for the full dispel, and option to cleanse an ally, or call an assist. Home 1 is sitting with the leftover rebels as a cleanup fleet.
  • Thanks I will try and work on them. Cassian, Jyn are needed for Profundity anyways plus they help my guild in Hoth TB special nodes. I noticed you mentioned 6 ships what was the 7th? I guess for now I can use the ghost or phantom as I have the pilots geared well. But now I can work on gearing Cassian, Jyn. K2, bistan and Scarif. Since I have the ships they will act as a placeholder until I get the ships for Malevolence.i appreciate the help.
  • When I used it in arena I had Phantom in the 7th slot, just in case I wanted to get more allies on the field quickly, but I never used it.
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