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Why can I have a much more advanced fleet, yet still be infinitely slower than my opponent?! I have read all the posts on mods, gear level and such. The bottom line is that all of my ships (including capital ship) are immensely more advanced and should be faster - but they are not. Can someone please explain this?!

This is my opponent:

This is my ship:


The rest of my fleet is light years ahead of the opponents ships. I have no less than relic 5 on every toon. The opponent doesn't even have full gear! Yet, each of their ships takes a turn before I even get a move. Something just isn't right.
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  • For ship speed your mods will count the same as his. It doesn't matter if they are 6E or 6A they will have the same impact on ship speed. Likewise the actual stats on the mods don't matter, only their level and the number of dots. As such, from what you've shown here your executor will have the same speed as his. You may be losing the RNG coin toss as to who goes first, and then breach affects the speed of your other ships. Without video or anything else the only evidence you've presented is that your CS will have the same speed as his.
  • Show us Executor speeds. Curious what the infinite difference is.
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    This is my ship:

    Looks like an Admiral to me.
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