DeathStarPortDesigners needing one before TB - potential 25*+ in ROTE

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Want to chill with Aldous Sandfly, Tilomad, StarkStrategyGamer, The GACLab and many members of The Hall and the Cubs Fam?

DeathStarPortDesigners are looking for a handful to join before the new TB gets going next month.

Port Designers are a >450 mil gp guild(when full) that cares about communication (Discord presence is mandatory) performing in TW(IF you sign up), and helping each other grow as a group. We are looking for players with a GP >8.0 mil, 5GLs/Exec min(4 GLs close to a 5th or Profundity with Inquisitors ready for Grand Inquisitor may also be considered), decent mods and the desire to be part of a big family. If this sounds like you and you are interested, let us know.

We also have ZERO mandatory farms, doesn't freak over 600 (real life happens and we've all played long enough), and overall we are pretty GAC focused.

Stop by the Death Star and ask for Go Cubs.
May the force be with you.
Discord ->
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