Feedback regarding the Arena Table

I have already given my thoughts on the GAC matchmaking, so this isn't about that.

However, it's bad enough that GAC matchmaking produces such skewed matches as to be almost completely outside of my control, but it doesn't help the level of mounting frustration to have that score thrown back in my face whenever I have to open the arena table to do my daily chores.

I understand that you have to operate at a profit and that degree of unfairness is probably pretty lucrative, but if you could include an option to turn off the score display on the GAC card of the arena table, that would be pretty well.

I'm pretty tired of having my losses thrown back in my face, and I'd like the option to not have to be reminded everytime I check to see if my fleet arena spot is still safe.

Thank you.

I apologize if the tone of this feedback comes off as negative. Frustrations are high.


  • Try putting duct tape across that portion of your screen when you check your fleet status

    Duct tape has legit worked for me! Remember back when once you lock in GAC you are locked in? I actually put a piece of duct tape over the gac button. For numerous times it kept me from mindlessly tapping into GAC and locking myself in prematurely.
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