Executor Dodge Percentage

I dropped a post a few months ago about the insane dodge percentage executor fleets have on defense. Their posted dodge percentage is 2% but there actual dodge percentage is much higher. (excluding evasion up which I know they get after reinforcement. All my data was from battles before evasion up was triggered). I've kept track of every battle for 75 days now and ran every battle everyday. Since my last post and based on just my numbers, the defensive executor fleet has a dodge percentage greater than 10x the posted percentage; so roughly greater than 20% dodge chance. This is of course just for the defensive fleet (and once again excludes evasion up from reinforcements). For your attacking fleet you still have a much lower dodge chance. Out of 375 battles I had less than a 1% dodge chance for my own fleet. 2 dodges for my own fleet compared to 76 dodges for the defense. Both these fleets percentages are quoted in game as having the same dodge chance and yet the actual numbers are drastically different.


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