Your stories about cheaters

So I faced a cheater for the first time in GAC. At least it was the first time I noticed.
The thing is, they frequently cheat, but still lose quite a lot. My guess would be, to make it less noticeable.

When I reviewed my defenses on the GAC History, I first noticed, that they used KRU with Hux and Sith Trooper (no Datacron), to beat my Omicron Malak (Datacron that gives speed and offense, when an ally gets defeated). I haven't seen that counter before, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.
It got a bit fishier when they used Sidious and OG Kylo, to beat my Omicron Qui-Gon. But I still wasn't quite sure.
The finishing touch was when they used R1 Rex, R2 Echo, and G11 Fives to beat my R7 KRU team. The kicker was, that the battle took 11 seconds. I can maybe see a world where that team can beat a KRU team but in 11 seconds, no shot. I then looked at the other times and they were all between 10 to 30 seconds long.
I thought that maybe the times were wrong, so I looked at their other matches. Well, they got worse.
Highlights for me are:
  • No Datacron Vader solo gets 57 banners against GAS
  • G11 Grievous team gets 57 banners against reliced CLS, C3PO, and Chewpio
  • No Datacron KRU team beats JMK with CAT and General Kenobi in 28 seconds
  • Palpatine solos gets 57 banners against GAS
  • Tarkin fleet with leading 4* Papa Mobil gets 72 banners against Executor
  • G8 Bo-Katan with G11 Nest and G8 Bando get 57 banners against full G12 Bando, IG, Kuiil in 11 seconds
All these were in 3v3. I looked a bit in to their 5v5 matched and they still cheated, but less often/obvious

I obviously reported them, but, judging from what I heard so far about banning cheaters, this won't help.

So I would like to know, your stories about cheaters. Were they using funny/obvious teams/cheats or did they try to hide them in some way?


  • I met a cheater. I lost. End of story.

    Really, I rather prefer to memorise fun GAC games with great opponents. I don't mind losing as long as the match is fair and fun. In fact, some of my best GAC matches are losses, but they were close and fun battles.
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