Returning Player Questions

Howdy, I'm returning after quitting ~6 years ago. I'm wondering if you guys think it'd be worth it to start over to possibly get the fleet arena crystals. From what I understand, GAC matchmaking should be ok because it's based on power. Also, in the case that I don't start over, I've started working towards SLKR as that's what most farming guides suggest. Does this make sense based on my roster? I've got 2400 crystals saved up and a decent amount of credits so it feels like a waste to start over but I would like to if I might be able to stay competitive that way. Thanks a lot for any help/suggestions. :)


  • Seems to me, you have a very good understanding of your situation. That's a big advantage over most players you'll be facing.

    It feels a waste to start over for me too. I know I wouldn't, you're close to starting GAC. However, I can also see the benefits.....
  • Hey, i was in your situation and returned 2 months ago. I stopped playing around when guilds came out

    everyone told me to restart cause i was far behind but in reality that was the worst advice. I'm so much further now then I would have been if I started over.

    I took a look at my fleet arena and saw it was possible to attain top 10 coming from having no ships. I'd suggest you do the same cause I constantly make number 1 every day in fleet.

    now if your fleet arena is dominated by late game players then you may consider it. if your fleet arena has a bunch of executrix / home one / endurance... you might consider staying.
  • How can I create a new account? I want to start the game again
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