Capital Ship Bonus Bonus Tiers

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I kinda get making the Profundity event particularly hard at the beginning. I don't enjoy it, but I kinda get encouraging people to gear things up.

But WHAT IF... and hear me out WHAT IF in the future you created these things with 2 bonus tiers. The first one has a limit of X tries. After you've exhausted that # of tries your ship is at 6*.

NOW... that 6* is used to unlock the 2nd bonus tier, and in that 2nd bonus tier you can use any ship you want.

Retroactively for CapShip events that are already released, the new bonus tier can require a 7* cap ship.

This way you've incentivized gearing things up by forcing people to slog through with a 4* and then 5* cap ship with limited choices designed to make things difficult but beatable. it also allows you to showcase how you **expect** the ship to be used (or, with Profundity, allows you to exclude the Falcon which you wanted to do to avoid trivializing the event out of the gate).

BUT by ending these difficulty-maximizing conditions at 6*, you don't **maximize** the slog.

There comes a point where people have proved that they can beat your bonus tier. There's nothing fun about it being some new accomplishment. And you've made them do it enough times that if they were going to buy improvements to make it easier, they've already done so. At that point making things easier and allowing all ships not only rewards people for their slog with a bit of QoL improvement, but it also allows a bit of low-risk theory crafting play space, since otherwise the only places to test out new fleet configurations is in GAC or Fleet Arena, which severely penalize wasting opportunities.

Though it's true that once you're at #1 in your fleet shard, **IF** you have 2+ attempts left for the day, you can mess around freely for attempts = (#remaining - 1), allowing any ships to be used in ALL the cap ship events (and bumping up the difficulty of legacy CapShip events to modern standards) allows for someone to play with fleets in a helpful way 1-2 days per month, as many attempts as you like, so long as you stop short of finishing the mission.

Theoretically you can even make it work for infinite attempts, but only trigger rewards once (like Marquee battles) if you were feeling particularly helpful.

This seems to me like minimal coding, since you'd be largely just copying the previous event and slapping a 6* or 7* requirement on it, then tweaking difficulty to today's standards.

I understand that minimal coding isn't zero coding and you may not wish to do this, but it would be a very helpful space for all players to experiment, and at least with future cap ships it seems like a good idea to program in from the beginning.

EVEN BETTER: Find a programmer who plays the game and is annoyed with one of the events right now, then tell them that you won't pay them to work on this, but if they do it in their spare time you might publish it and end their frustration.

Maybe even offer them a Mountain Dew or something.

I'm sure this will run afoul of no labor laws and your coders will be overjoyed with the opportunity to work for caffeine.
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