KOR DeathShooters is Recruiting

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KOR DeathShooters is recruiting!

We are a 251 mil GP guild composed mostly of veteran players, many of whom have been playing since year 1 of game launch.

We’re “relaxed, but competitive” and are looking to fill our ranks back up after some player retirements. We need your help to defeat the CPit and progress more in the newer game modes!

What we can offer you:

A stress free setting - DeathShooters wont micromanage your daily ticket counts (just stay active and you’ll earn plenty), we won't force you to farm specific toons, and most importantly, we have a “real life comes first” mantra and understand unexpected things can come up.

Pit and Tank raids simmed, Sith raid on farm - CPit is where we still need help. We have made it as far as ⅔ into P2 at our very best.

25 Stars in DS Geo - 20-25 Wat Shards on average

9-10 Stars in LS Geo - 3-4 KAM Shards on average (we are also building up to maxing out LS Hoth - our last attempt was 42 out of 45.

We win more often than not in TW as well.

What we ask:

Stay active and participate in TB and the Raids!

TW rules are “if you join, you have to participate as best you can” and follow the in game orders.

DeathShooters is also part of the larger KOR alliance. Joining our Discord is much preferred and makes communication easier, but its not mandatory if you keep up good in-game communication. The KOR Discord has several guilds linked to it - almost all veteran guilds - so theres a wealth of knowledge to tap and just a fun place to share jokes and chat with other Star Wars fans.

Thanks for considering us!

See some of our accomplishments, link below.

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