Community Update - 4/8/2016

Greetings Heroes,

We’ve had a lot going on recently! This week we announced that the next major update later this month will include Guilds, Raids, Guild Chat and more. Let’s take a quick look at everything going on in the community:

Guilds and Raids Teaser Announcement (with video!) –

Guilds Preview Post –

What’s coming next?

Balance Update

Next week we will be releasing our Game Balance update that we first talked about back on March 18th. This will change things up quite a bit, but should make battles much more strategic and less about just cranking out as much damage as fast as possible. Here are some of the key notes for the update (full update notes will be posted next week):
  • A new statistic is being added to all Characters starting next week, Protection.
    Protection provides Characters with additional survivability and first becomes available when a Character reaches Gear Lvl VII.
    When battling against a Character with Protection, the Protection meter must be depleted prior to affecting the Character's health.
  • Armor and Resistance have been adjusted to make them more valuable by providing better damage mitigation.
  • Advantage has been reworked to grant 100% chance to score a critical hit on the next attack.
  • Speed will now be more important in calibration of a character’s damage output. Generally speaking, faster acting characters will see a damage reduction and slower characters will see an increase.
  • Balance adjustments have been made to all Light/Dark Side Battles, Cantina Battles and Challenges to accommodate the above changes.

We’ll be sharing more information on Raids starting on April 18th. Actually, let’s not wait that long, here are a few details to help you and your friends get ready!
  • There are 7 difficulty levels
  • The lowest difficulty is open to all characters, the second tier requires 2 star characters, while the highest requires 7 star characters
  • The rewards from completing a raid scale up with each difficulty

Guild Chat (and some other features)

Guild Chat will be a great way for Guild members to talk about strategies in real time and to just chat with friends about how awesome the latest trailer for Rogue One is. This will be accessible only from the Cantina and Guilds Home screen, chat will not be accessible while you are in a Raid.
Another feature we’re adding with Guild Chat is the ability to tap on a player’s name, bringing up more detail about their profile. You can also see your own stats by tapping on your level and progress bar on the Cantina screen. Some of the things you’ll be able to see on a profile include:
  • Total Arena Battles Won/Lost
  • Total Galactic War Battles Won
  • Total Sim Tickets Used
  • Total Energy Spent
  • Total Data Cards Opened
  • Total Credits Spent
  • And more!

Stay tuned as we provide even more details on our Game Balance Update that is arriving next week.
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