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I've had a 7* thrawn for a while now and ive managed to get tier 3 on the artist of war event thats just come round but im strugglin on tier 1. My phoenix team is now a slightly higher gear (mostly just added pieces rather than move a gear up) and got more abilities unlocked. I've also put my best mods from other toons on them and i am still getting slapped about at the final stage. what order would you take out the toons in final stage. Ive been tryna do: death trooper, storm, thrawn then commando
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  • When you say slightly higher gear, what are we talking here specifically?

    I did Thrawn years ago and paid the price of doing it at gear 8. Probably took 200 tries before RNG fell in my favour. So of you are low gear then perhaps ask yourself if the rewards are worth the hassle. Or prepare for the long haul.
  • Definitely take out Death(s) first, if you can. After that I swap between Commando & Thrawn based on the idea that I want to attack Thrawn whenever he doesn't have anyone Fractured (because his counter attacks really hurt low-gear Phoenix!), but Commando is the highest-priority non-Thrawn.

    You will have the best chance if you mod Kanan for survivability over speed, and restart the event if Thrawn fractures anyone other than Kanan.

    Which 5 toons are your running?
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