Celebrating anniversary with a cheater in our shard (waiting CG to take action)

A cheater started beating us with their 1-star ships last year, me and shard-mates reported it, no action. I posted here two times receiving advice from admins to report them (although I had already done that), and texted related contact at CG several time to follow-up.

Now the cheater have (a very sub-optimal) nego fleet- putting crystal from cheating in some use, with which they are beating maxed-out Execs (and 2 Profs if necessary) everyday to take #1 in our shard :))


Well, in next couple of weeks we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of us reporting the cheater, while they continue to play peacefully, cheating day in and day out. I think CG's solution is to wait until cheaters can build up really decent fleets so no one can object, problem solved. This is what we will celebrate next year.

Of course they do wonders in GAC too :) well documented like this. But hey, they even have a GL now. So this problem will be solved soon too...


Warm wishes to everyone in CG who pretend to attend cheating issues. Happy new year!
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