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Will there be any Ben Solo synergy?
A: Zorii’s synergy was built around lifting underused Resistance characters, Ben Solo was designed to lift your Galactic Legend Rey or Rey (Jedi Training), as such there is no intended synergy between these characters. With Zorii’s addition you’ll be pleased that you can build two squads: one around Zorii, and one around Ben Solo.

Why isn't Babu Frik a part of Zori's kit?
A: Babu Frik isn’t a collectable character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

In Zorii's first unique, is it calling out Poe Dameron, or any Poe (Regular and Resistance Hero)
Zorii’s first Unique mentions a synergy with “Poe”. Is there a specific version of him that must be used, or can either version count?

A: Any Poe
Why doesn’t she have synergy with B1 battle droid?
A: Counter question: Why do you keep asking about B1 Battle Droids every FAQ? haha :P
Tell me what you want, what you really really want?
A: I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig, ah!
She looks like a Power Ranger doesn't she?
A: Her Y-wing, the Comeuppance, is a far cry from a Zord though.
When can we expect Zorii's ship, the Comeuppance, to boost the Resistance fleet?
A: When adding ships to the game we consider every unit that has been seen piloting or acting as crew on a ship.
Zorii's unique gives Resistance tanks a bonus to max health when they taunt. Does this apply to all taunts (even those applied by other characters, such as by Zorii's first special or Wat Tambor's Baktoid Shield Generator) or only taunt abilities used by the Resistance tank?
A: Any Taunt will work, even those applied by other characters.
first order tie pilot when?
A: FO TIE Pilot was already released in 2015, and reworked in 2017.
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