Issue in carbonite 4 grand arena matchmaking


My opponent in carbonite 4 today has 71 relic characters including 2 galactic legends. My best teams didn't damage them and they wiped me out instantly.

I waited 24hrs after setting my defense to come up against this player. It was a waste of time and very disappointing.

How can such a player be matched against me in carbonite 4? Is this a bug or is it working as intended? If it's not bugged I assume I have to wait for this player to be promoted out of my group? Very odd matchmaking.

I only have one relic character by the way.


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    I only have one Gear level 10 character and I'm in Carb 4. My opponents are way better than me.

    I believe your opponent has managed to (somehow) lose a ton of times that he got sorted into Carbonite 4. I'm facing a person right now whose entire team is Gear level 11+ (with Relics), though I'm winning against him with my weak teams because of first attack, while he's done entirely nothing.

    Get his ally code and view his stats in If his player skill rating is decreasing, it should be working as intended (it is likely he has just returned after a very long session of inactivity, as not joining GAC events will lower your skill rating). An entire possibility is that this guy has stashed up enough materials to go on a win-streak, and this is his first ever GAC after putting up enough Relics.

    Just the thoughts of a guy who was probably placed in a higher league than necessary due to somehow having higher GP than newer Level 85 players.
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