Sigma Alliance Alpha is a 500+ million GP guild and a proud member of The Sigma Alliance

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Sigma Alliance Alpha is a competitive top end guild with 540m+ GP guild and a proud member of THE SIGM∆ ALLIANCE; which has 15 guilds all working together to form an incredible community!

We are a top tier guild, ready to take on the new TB. We are looking for players focused on ALL end game content.

What we offer:

🔹️ 33⭐DSTB with 45+ WAT shards

🔹️ 32⭐LSTB with 40+ KAM shards

🔹️ 38⭐️ROTE with 45+ Reva shards

🔹️ Modding advice and roster development

🔹️ Streaming if you wish for Gac/TW

🔹️ Extensive knowledge of counters

🔹️ 265M in the Krayt raid

What we are looking for:

🔹️Enough roster depth to cope with TW and TB at our level of play

🔹️R7 inquisitors or working towards them

🔹️Daily activity and passion for participation in guild events

🔹️Desire to learn and improve

🔹️Good communication with discord Required

Don't miss out, join today to become a better player and find that joy you're looking for from Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes!
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