New Guild:Mereel’s Galactic Knights(MGK)

Mereel’s Galactic Knights
I got tired of seeing guilds with like a mountain of requirements.
So, this is our guild.
Requirements (don’t worry there’s only 2 of them.)
1. Level 30+ (even if you aren’t at this stage already, we will notify you and add you to the reserve list.( you can get there with 2 or 3 days of Playing.)(
2. Please!!!! For the love of this guild! No Dudes with Greedo leads.
All who fit into the requirements are welcome.( that includes weekend Heroes, Wallet heroes ,F2p Heroes etcetera…..)
Applying: Just state these.
IGN (in game name)
Ally code
What you have.
Easy right?
So, just feel free to apply
Members so far ( if you apply, you will be added to this list.)
Me (of course)


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