Need some help salvaging a messy account

I’ve been playing this game casually on and off for a bit now, and have decided I want to start playing a bit more serious and make a bit more progress.

Problem being of course, the characters I’ve decided to pursue in my very casual play are not exactly coherent with any sort of vision, or even necessarily each other. It was more just who I wanted, hence characters like Cody and Boba Fett sitting at the bottom of my roster.

I’ve read up on the posts here for what a new player should probably do, but I’m not sure how applicable they are to me. I think CLS is a realistic goal for the close-ish future, but it’s more if I should be pushing for such a thing despite the fact that other characters such as Thrawn would be a lot easier to build up to. I’ve got what I think is a just a decent Empire team as well as all the basic Rebel characters quite high, but would appreciate any other advice. Cheers!


  • I think CLS is a good character to pursue at this point. It is a very powerful team in the early game, but it also stays highly relevant through the late game once you add Chewpio. In contrast, Thrawn is a a very solid character with a lot of uses, but isn’t as much of a difference-maker in the early or late game. Good luck!
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