Where to have gas

I got to thinking about it and what do u guys (especially those with jml and gas) think about possibly pulling gas from his 501st team (which is only g11 and 12) and making him the 5th with jml instead of jkr? I would wanna almost certainly remod him as idk if he would have any kind of protection recovery and he has almost no speed as I'm focused entirely on his counters for being with 501st but he's obviously r7 and I would have to only designate mod energy when I find speed mods for him unlike jkr which I still have 2 big gear pieces to go plus any relics... also gas would make a full team of non old republic jedi.


  • LordDirt
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    Go for it, just have Shaak Ti or Padme lead your clones.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    Hm hadn't ever thought of padme... I really don't wanna gear my clones but may have to... I'm at g11 and 12 right now and don't wanna have to apply relics
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    You can have gas anywhere if you have the right diet and believe in yourself.
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    Lmao this is very true
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