Escort ships (fleet mode extension)

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This is a suggestion to add new type of ships to fleet battles.
  • escort ships are special, separate ships with special slot: CS - 3StS - ES
  • They remind Capital ships, but have no constant ultimate, they can: grant buffs, inflict debuffs, assist, remove/add tm, stun, etc,
  • intead of Ultimate they can use granted ability (only 1 time) after reaching a goal (same as starkiller or Outrider for example).
  • Unlike CS, ES can be targeted and even destroyed - though a lot harder than ordinary ships. They can have twice or trice as much prot and hp
  • Same as Capital Ships, if there won't be any other regular starship on filed - they escape from battle(like hermit or WAT)
  • If CS is destroyed or leaves the battle(like with profundity's ultimate) ES remains until there is no other ally on field.
  • Some ES may be used as "sacrificial" units instead of CS(like holdo sacrificed her whole fleet running away)
  • And some escort ships may grant reinforcement if there is no CS.
  • Escort ships may vary: from corvettes and cruisers to frigates or spacecrafts(for example Naga Sadow's sphere) - different in size, but same value
  • Each Escort ship has its own advantages and disadvantages and mechanic, that helps players in building new compositions

(Endar Spire [Crew Member - Bastila Shan], Lights Side, Escort Ship, Old Republic, Jedi)
granted ability: [Battering Ram], inflicts ability block on enemy's capital ship for 2 turns (excluding reinforcements) and self-inflicts fracture for 2 turns as well.
Has low health pool in comparison to other Escort Ships, grants TM to allied Jedi and buffs Lightside units, plus grants Battle Meditation
IGV-55, Dark Side, Escort Ship, Empire)
granted ability: [Interrogation] - Removes TM from all enemies and himself and inflicts Fear on enemy's escort, all allies gain bonus turn. If allied CS is destroyed he is stunned for 1 turn but can reinforce.

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