Tusken Warrior Community Questions w/ Dev Answers

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After the cooldown for the abilities it states that they unlock certain "tiers". Is this referring to gear tiers on the character or something else?
Yes, this is referring to Gear Tiers. We’ll try to make that clearer in the future.

Did you test her v the meta?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: We could probably be more transparent with our meta testing practices, but suffice it to say that not all accounts are equal in terms of what a squad is capable of, so Your Mileage May Vary. With that being said there are a lot of meta teams that have high turn meter gain, which Tuskens are designed now to perform against.

Why doesn't the TW omicron have any synergy with BobaScions?
The Territory War team should be entirely made up of Tuskens. Boba’s synergy was added to make two 3v3 GAC teams.

Why are Tusken Warrior and Chieftain dark side characters? They seemed like regular people just living their lives in Book of Boba. Is it pure for game balance purposes?
We wanted players to be able to bring a full Tusken squad into Dark Side Territory Battles, and players who are still progressing can use the team in the Dark Side table in the Cantina, so yes, mostly about game balance.

"Whenever Momentum is removed during an enemy's turn, gain 10 stacks of Momentum for 3 turns (limit once per turn)." Does this apply to each Tusken ally? Does it trigger for Warrior when any Tusken ally loses Momentum? Or does it only trigger when Warrior loses Momentum, and only she gains this bonus?
This only applies to Tusken Warrior (the bonus too), and only applies when it’s removed during the enemy’s turn. So she will not regain Momentum after using her Special 2 or when Momentum expires naturally.

For finishing strikes, it says deal additional damage up to 5 times at 50% less. Is that 5 times including the first or in addition to?
The 5 additional attacks do not include the first one, so it can hit up to 7 times!

For finishing strikes, it says at 10 stacks of momentum, the ability deals 50% more damage, how does that work with the additional damages at 50% less damage?
The 50% more damage cancels out the 50% less damage penalty and gives the initial hit 50% more damage.

Does every hit apply a DOT on finishing strikes?
No, only the first hit will apply a DOT

What will her relic icon be?
Her relic icon will be her gaderffii stick

Why does tusken warrior deal damage before applying defense down, and apply defense down before removing enemy debuffs? This is completely backwards. You'd want to remove tenacity up, then apply defense down, and then deal damage. You've designed this in order to be frustrating each and every time a player uses it.
Unfortunately, this is how our game functions in terms of order of operations (we have limited control over this, and make it as player friendly as we can when possible).

UROOR URRR U'RROR? (Do you speak tusken?)
I only understand TSL (Tusken Sign Language), so we’re going to need an interpreter.

Will the Tusken warrior pilot Red 5?
Interesting take.

How do you think this team will fare without a tank to keep the more week members safe?
Tusken Chieftain’s Leader gives all Tuskens 20% Defense and Resistance for each stack of Momentum on them which should let his Tusken allies survive, even without a tank.

Why does the Tusken Warrior cause enemies to lose tenacity only after dots expire? How am I supposed to land those dots in the first place if the enemy has high tenacity? And if I'm capable of landing them, why do I need to reduce their tenacity at all???
This will help counter teams who gain Tenacity over time, and will help greatly against teams who have high Tenacity to begin with.

Can we be friends? :)
Do you have a pickup truck? If yes, then let’s talk.

Why is tusken meathead not a character?
We wanted to pull Tuskens up, not bring them down. ;)

"RUDE!" - Meathead

Do all of her damage increases stack with each other or are they each applied separately? (She has two on her 2nd Special and 1 in her Unique)
Tusken Warrior’s damage increases will stack with each other.

With the inclusion of the new tuskens it seems you are adding characters from established shows instead of nuances ancillary characters from comic books. Why was the decision made?
We have the Krayt raid upcoming and (obviously) wanted Tuskens to be a part of it, and Book of Boba Fett gave us a couple new Tuskens we could add. This made their inclusion a no-brainer. The second we saw Tusken Warrior in the show we wanted to get her into the game.

Can the Tenacity reduction on her unique be resisted?
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