Finish malgus or jml

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Got a question for u guys... I have a g8 malgus that needs a kyro... should I go for him who will need 2 more later plus the 1 at 12 or get mon hers at 10 and then 12 plus the 2 needed from Ben and Biggs to start jml tickets then go back to malgus... so malgus needs 4 just for him and 5 for the grind towards jml.


  • I'm guessing you already have a SE team usable? Otherwise definitely don't do Malgus first.

    MM gives you some sort of Rebel Troopers team pretty much just from the JML grind. Plus obviously the 5 kyro mean you are also working towards JML unlock.

    Going for a GL is almost always the right choice, especially considering how close you are.

    But also, if you want to do Malgus, do Malgus! Have fun.
  • Nrm53
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    Thanks man... wound up doing malgus as ya I have a full r7 se team... hk will hit the sidelines and keep marauder probably I'm thinking... Def for conquest... may leave hk in for his damage in gac but I'm unsure... drevan Malak and badstilla r a given... I'm still moving on mms shards so it may put me behind a bit but iv almost gotten malgus to 13... just 4 more pieces to go.. granted 1 is the big kyro g12 piece but still
  • EdSolo
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    If you have omi's for Malgus, he can be very tough to beat in GAC. That is also something else to consider. If the choice was between him or JMK, LV, or Jabba, it would be more of a decision. At this point, JML has diminishing returns. I find most of his utility in conquest. Using him with Wat is a good way to complete feats.
  • Malgus sounds like the right call then if you've got a full R7 SE team already, it's basically a GL level team. And as Ed solo said, if you have the Omi then he IS a GL in GAC, and a pretty good one at that.
  • Nrm53
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    Ya his abilities r fully maxed... and my g12 malgus is holding the front line with a r7 malgus right now in our war lol someone took a shot at smith's (the r7) but not mine yet... we will see how it holds once they hit it... my gac this round he's fairly low so that was a bad example... it did actually get 1 hold anyways prior to falling one time tho
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