Jedi Knight Cal Kestis: Hero's Journey Guide + Bonus Zone Info

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Hello Holotable Heroes!

Today we’re going to talk about the Hero’s Journey for Jedi Knight Cal Kestis!

Through 5 tiers of the event, you will recount the story of Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order to earn yourself Jedi Knight Cal Kestis shards! If you haven’t played Jedi: Fallen Order, we suggest you do so now! Outside of it being a fantastic game, our event in-game will spoil a fair amount if you plan on giving J:FO a try.

First order of business, tomorrow you will be able to start working on the Cal Kestis’ Marquee event and in two weeks, Cere Junda will be coming to the Holotable.

Now, let's go over some Hero’s Journey details!

Jedi Knight Cal Kestis’s Hero’s Journey - What to Expect:

Duration: Limited Time Event
Event Unlock Minimum Requirements:
  • Cal Kestis (7*, Gear Tier XII)
  • Cere Junda (7*, Gear Tier XII)
  • Merrin (7*, Gear Tier XII)
  • Tarfful (7*, Gear Tier XII)
  • Saw Gerrera (7*, Gear Tier XII)

The event will only be playable for a limited time, and will not be available in Journey Guide permanently (for now).

Tier 1 Required Characters:
Cal Kestis (Gear Tier XII or higher)

Location: Bracca

Tier 2 Required Characters:
Cal Kestis(Gear Tier XII or higher)
Saw Gerrera (Gear Tier XII or higher)
Tarfful (Gear Tier XII or higher)

Location: Kashyyyk

Tier 3 Required Characters:
Cal Kestis (Gear Tier XII or higher)

Location: Zeffo

Tier 4 Required Characters:
Cal Kestis (Gear Tier XII or higher)
Merrin (Gear Tier XII or higher)

Location: Dathomir

Tier 5 Required Characters:
Cal Kestis (Gear Tier XII or higher)
Cere Junda (Gear Tier XII or higher)

Location: Nur

Rise of the Empire Territory Battle Bonus Zones

With Cere’s release there will be a new node on Bracca in RotE Territory Battle that will eventually become the “gateway” node to unlock Zeffo, our first Bonus Zone!

General Bonus Zone info
Complete certain requirements on a specific “gateway” planet to unlock the connected Bonus Zone during future phases. You must also earn a minimum of one star in the connected zone in order to advance to the Bonus Zone.
  • Once open, Bonus Zones function like other zones - you can attempt both Combat Missions and Special Missions.
  • Platoons in Bonus Zones can grant powerful abilities to the player or hinder enemy abilities within the Bonus Zone.
  • You can deploy characters to the Bonus Zone to reach new deployment rewards.
  • The Bonus Zone remains open until your guild has earned at least one star by the time a TB phase ends.
  • Just like other planets you can start it and not get one star to complete it over multiple days. The bonus zone acts as its own path.
  • Bonus Zones do not always reward Stars, there can also be other rewards
  • The Bonus Zone will need to be unlocked each Territory Battle

Rewards from Star thresholds in Bonus Zones are not always event stars.
While stars can be rewarded, some thresholds will reward chests of various rewards instead.
For any additional stars that can be earned from a Bonus Zone, the overall TB reward track will have a new tier with an additional star at the top end.

To access Zeffo, your guild must collectively complete a Special Mission on Bracca a required number of times during each Territory Battle.

This Special Mission on Bracca will launch with Cere’s release and will require Cere Junda and either Cal Kestis or Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. (All at Relic 7)

When Jedi Knight Cal Kestis comes to the game, the Bonus Zone of Zeffo will as well.

Note, Zeffo will:
  • Need Relic 7 characters like other zones in this phase
  • Not be needing to use units that are required in other zones

As we get closer to the release of Zeffo, we will update you all on additional requirements and rewards.

As a reminder, you will need either version of Cal AND Cere at R6 to unlock and participate in the Bonus Zone. The Bonus Zone will go live with the first run of Jedi Knight Cal Kestis, so be prepared if you want to complete it on the first run.

Note: Much of this is still in development. While we don’t expect the information in this post to change, there is always the possibility between now and release that things will be adjusted based on numerous factors.
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