Phoenix Rework Idea (w/Omicron)

Phoenix Rework

All of the Phoenix characters have interesting kits, but the team is outdated and they are generally pigeonholed into an all-Phoenix team composition. This rework attempts to address this in a lore-consistent fashion by facilitating Phoenix members' use outside of a Phoenix team, particularly in pairs (as was common in episodes of Star Wars: Rebels). It also provides some options for non-Phoenix members to round out a Phoenix team which only has three or four Phoenix members. Finally, it provides a small but substantial boost to a full Phoenix team in the form of a new Zeta ability for Ezra, which elicits a pre-taunt from Kanan, and interacts with newer content (the Inquisitorious faction).

Sabine was addressed less than the other members, because she already fits well in various Mandalorian comps (a faction which is likely to grow).

Ezra's proposed new ability, which has a Zeta and Omicron, reflects the many mentors and protectors he had over his journey in SW: Rebels. This includes not only Kanan, but Maul, Hondo, Ahsoka (Fulcrum), Hera, Saw Gererra, and even Old Ben.

Hera Syndulla

Add “Rebel Fighter” to Hera’s tags.


Add “Scoundrel” to Chopper’s tags.

Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)

Add to “Meditate” text: “If Ezra Bridger or Kanan Jarrus are present, they also gain this Foresight buff. Otherwise, grant it to a random Phoenix ally if one is present.”

Ezra: New ability (with Zeta and Omicron)

Name ideas:
"Most of the Time", "Is that Ezra?", "You Worry Me Sometimes", "Our Apprentice", “Jack of all Trades”, “Many Mentors”


Unless stated, these bonuses are not shared with Phoenix allies.

2: Mk1x30 Mk2x25 Mk3x16

If Hondo Ohnaka is present at the start of battle as an ally or enemy: Ezra gains the Scoundrel Tag.

If Garazeb (Zeb) Orrelios is an ally, but Hera Syndulla is not, he also gains the Scoundrel tag for the duration of the battle.

3: Mk1x10 Mk2x9 Mk3x6 Omegax5

If Saw Gerrera or Hera Syndulla are an ally at the start of battle: Ezra gains the Rebel Fighter tag.

If Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) is also an ally, she also gains the Rebel Fighter tag for the duration of the battle.

4: Mk3x30 Omegax13 Zetax20

The first time any ally falls below 50% health, Ezra takes a bonus turn (limit once per ally per encounter). During this bonus turn, Ezra ignores Stealth.

If Kanan Jarrus or Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) are an ally, they taunt for 1 turn at the start of each encounter.

If Kanan Jarrus or Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) are present at the start of battle, Ezra is immune to Purge.

5: Mk3x30 Omegax13 Omicronx20

In Territory Wars:

Ezra gains +20 speed and +30% counter chance.

On a critical hit, Ezra steals a random dispellable non-taunt buff from the enemy. If no such buff is present, Ezra instead dispels taunt (if present).

If Kanan Jarrus is present, Kanan also taunts for 2 turns the first time Ezra is reduced to 0% Protection.

If Ezra has the Scoundrel tag, other Phoenix allies gain the Scoundrel tag for the duration of the battle.

If Maul is an ally at the start of battle, Ezra loses the Jedi tag and instead gains the Unaligned Force User tag.


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